I am Kosuke Suzuki, a second-year student in the International Educational Cooperation Field of the Global Education Course at Naruto University of Education, and I participated in the “Exploring School Education in Rwanda” program of the 2022 Global Teacher Training Program at Naruto University of Education from December 17 to 26, 2022. The purpose of this program was to “observe classes and interview teachers and students at Fawe Girls’ Gahini Junior High School in Kayonza District, Rwanda, and discuss and think together with school staff about the state of school education, while also introducing Japanese examples. Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, it has been difficult for us to participate in overseas training programs, but I am very grateful to Professor Kusaka and the staff of the International Exchange Division for allowing me to travel to Rwanda.
During our stay, I had the opportunity to visit a local junior high school and for two days, as a class to introduce Japanese culture, I gave a class to 3 or 40 students on Japanese Bon dance dancing and Awa dance, which represents Tokushima Prefecture in Japan. I was apprehensive at first because I expected that the students would not be very familiar with Japanese dancing, but many of the students from the two schools said they liked dancing, so I was glad that we were able to dance together outdoors at the end of the class.
The security situation in Rwanda is stable, and I was very impressed that people smiled and greeted me back when I gave them a simple greeting in Kinyarwanda, the local language. On the last day, we visited several memorials related to the 1994 genocide, which should not be forgotten when talking about Rwanda. At a memorial a short distance away from the capital, I felt the tragedy of the genocide up close, with bullet holes from the gunshot wounds of the time and the clothes and bones of the killed people still in place. I strongly felt that we must convey to the children of future generations that war and genocide must not be repeated.
I have wanted to visit Africa since I was a university student, and I am very happy to have landed on Africa for the first time. I would like to use this experience for my future career planning.
Thank you very much.

私は鳴門教育大学院グローバル教育コース国際教育協力分野長期履修生2年の鈴木康祐です。2022年12月17日~26日まで鳴門教育大学令和4年度グローバル教員養成プログラムの「ルワンダの学校教育の探求」というプログラムに参加させていただきました。本プログラムの目的は「ルワンダ国、カヨンザ郡のFawe Girls’ Gahini 中学校で、授業観察および教員・生徒にインタビューを行い、学校教育のあり方について,日本の事例も紹介しながら学校関係者と協議し、共に考える」というものでした。新型コロナウィルスのパンデミックにより、なかなか海外研修に参加することができませんでしたが、この度ルワンダに渡航することができ、日下先生をはじめ国際交流課の方々には大変感謝しています。


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