MANUEL Jordao Laurindo (Angola):

Research on improvisation of molecular models as a tool to improve Chemistry lessons in secondary education in Angola

MARA Augustine (Papua New Guinea):

Investigating misconceptions in teaching and learning decimal numbers by pre-service student teachers in Papua New Guinea

MARISI Pamela (Solomon Island):

Research on the effectiveness for conceptual understaning of equivalent fraction using GeoGebra application in Solomon Island.

SIMBINE César Alberto (Mozambique):

Analysis on Teachers’ understanding on the Representations of Addition with Carrying and Subtraction with Borrowing in Mozambique

貝畑 健太 (Japan):


常盤誉 (Japan):


南野 敏男(Japan):



脇田祐輔 (Japan):


SAWAH Kency Obed (Vanuatu):

Research on the TUAM approach to mathematics in Vanuatu

OLOWA Murray (Papua New Guinea):

Investigating Subject Matter Knowledge (SMK) and Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) in primary Preservice Teachers in PNG

NDIAYE Thiecouta:

Research on the implementation of the formative assessment in Senegal: Focusing on the communication with students