I am Hiroyuki ENDO, a first-year student of Global Education Course at Naruto University of Education. In August 2023, I visited Special region of Yogyakarta in Indonesia as the Global Teacher Training Program at Naruto University of Education.

My main purpose to visit is implementing the intervention lesson for the joint research with Ahmed Dahran University. I am a member of the research team of Programming education. Our research topic is “digitalization of education for better future in building students’ character”. We visited 3 schools (a private primary school, a public junior high school and a private high school) to conduct the lessons. there is not a programming education in Indonesian curriculum as a subject as well as Japan. However, it is urgent to raise children with computational thinking to deal with the social change. In the first lesson, students learned how to use Scratch, which is one of application tools to learn programming. They enjoyed learning about algorithmic thinking through the unplugged activity of dance and using their tablets or computers. In the second lesson, the students tried to draw some geometric figures by Scratch. It seemed that it was not easy for them to think of angle for each shape and to program blocks in Scratch. But once they understood the right angle, they accomplished the tasks. I was impressed that students helped each other in the class. So, all of them did not give up trying tasks. The students made a good atmosphere to learn in the classroom. They have motivation and curiosity to learn new things, too. Thanks to them, I also enjoyed the lessons with them. Our research continues even after I come back to Japan. I am going to conduct the same lesson in my school in Japan with some Indonesian researchers.

We enjoyed sightseeing in our free time. We visited Borobudur Temple, which is one of the world heritage sites in Indonesia. It was a Buddhist ruins and historical place. In addition, we enjoyed shopping in the Malioboro Street. I bought a lot of cloths of Batik.

It was a great opportunity for me to challenge a lot of things with my study and experience. I learned Indonesian culture and the context of the schools there. I would like to appreciate the people of Indonesia and my friends. They supported me a lot. I am going to challenge various things in different countries to be a better educator.






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