My name is Kency Obed SAWAH. I am originally from the Republic of Vanuatu in the South Pacific. I am an elementary school teacher by profession. I am currently studying at the Naruto University of Education in Tokushima Prefecture in Japan. My major is mathematics and I am specifically focusing on mathematical pedagogies in elementary schools in Vanuatu. I comprehended that there is a higher demand to advance mathematical learning and teaching in Vanuatu in a way that all children in Vanuatu will enhance their full potential in mathematics. To achieve this ambition I recommended Japan as one of the developed countries to acquire practical knowledge and skills in mathematical pedagogies for this 21st century.

In Japan, I have met a lot of friends from other parts of the world as well. Interacting with them is also a remarkable learning opportunity. Aside from studying, I would also like to commend that Japan is truly a home away from home. The people are so kind and friendly which allows you to go anywhere without fear at night or in daylight. The foods are delicious. The culture is unique and interesting to learn about. The language is difficult to learn but trust me, it is fun when you are learning it. Regardless of the weather, anybody coming to Japan will enjoy their stay in Japan.


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